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Depression Bi-Polar Disorder Weight Loss
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Career Transition Adult ADD
Life Transitions Stress/Anxiety Biofeedback
Grief/Loss Panic Disorder Career Development
Disability/Illness Relationships  

Counseling gives you the opportunity to explore dreams and emotions; create new opportunities and adventures; learn how to build love, friendship, caring, and intimacy into your life; discover who you are and how your beliefs, values, and philosophies influence your daily living.

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Previous Work Settings

  • Community Mental Health Center
  • American Red Cross Disaster Relief Centers
  • University and College Counseling Centers
  • High School Special Education Program
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • Alcohol and Drug Misdemeanor Program
  • At-Risk Youth Service Agency
  • Domestic Violence and Parents Assistance Center

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Therapeutic Approach

Each person is unique, what works for one person in counseling may not work for another. I customize my care by choosing the therapeutic approach that will work best for each person. Therapists who use a variety of counseling theories and techniques to match the unique characteristics and experiences of an individual are called Eclectic therapists. I look at each person’s life from a bio-psychosocial perspective, which means that I work with you to discover how the mental, physical, and social/spiritual components of your life are balanced and what areas you would like to change. From a humanistic perspective I see each individual as being in charge of their life, so as a counselor I serve you as a facilitator, coach, and mentor in developing healthy solutions to life’s challenges.

The therapeutic approach I most often use to facilitate change and the development of healthy solutions, is the Cognitive-Behavioral therapy approach. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an action and solution oriented form of psychosocial therapy that focuses on thinking patterns and counter-productive behaviors. Treatment focuses on changing thought patterns in order to change behavior and emotional states. I also use Biofeedback training to help clients become more aware of physiological as well as cognitive and emotional responses to stressors. I will work with you in learning relaxation techniques and educating you on how your body and mind can work together in positive ways to heal. Existential therapy looks at your beliefs, values, and how they fit with your perspective on the meaning to life. I feel this therapeutic approach is important in understanding what you want for your future and who you want to be. This unique blend of approaches offers you a comprehensive program for health and wellness.

I have found in my 14 years of counseling experience that successful results from therapy require clients to take an active role in the treatment process by participating in treatment goal setting and keeping the change process alive by completing homework between counseling sessions. All therapeutic approaches require us to build an honest, trusting, and respectful relationship.

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Information you share with me will be regarded with respect and handled in a professional manner. Our conversations and my records are held confidential. Confidentiality is protected by state law and ethical principles, to which I adhere as a licensed professional counselor.

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