December 2002

Dear Reader:

Thank you for visiting my web page. If you came to this page out of
curiosity, enjoy! Check out the links, and e-mail me other links you think
would be useful to readers. Any questions you have regarding the content of
my web site or suggestions you have on what would be useful to include are
always welcome. If you came to this web page because you are facing
challenges in life that you feel need to be explored with the help of a
professional counselor, I encourage you to give me a call. I can answer
your questions by phone or better yet, you can schedule a free in person,
30-minute consultation so I can answer your questions and we can discover
together whether my training and counseling style fit your needs.

Some people are a little hesitant about sharing their thoughts and feelings
with a person they do not know, while others like the freedom to open up to
someone they have not established a relationship. How ever you feel about
counseling, I would like to assure you that I will respect your privacy and
confidentiality within legal and ethical boundaries. I realize that it
takes both of us to establish a working relationship and that may take three
or four sessions. Counseling is a place you can come to find an unbiased,
caring, genuine, and objective person who wants to facilitate your discovery
of healthier living and more positive thoughts and behaviors. I also see
myself as your coach and your mentor as you grow into the person you want to

I now offer you some challenges: Take the first step toward discovering
yourself and what direction you want to take your life. Admit that no
person is an island and that we all can improve our understanding of others
and develop better communication skills. Understand that without balance
you will go down the path of life just a little bit too much to the left or
to the right and crashing might be inevitable. Discover the three
components to a balanced life. Healthy bodies and spirits promote healthy
minds and healthy minds enable you to develop healthy bodies and spirits.
Acknowledge your definition of what is the meaning to life and how that
meaning makes a spiritual connection within yourself and with others. I
challenge you to discover a sense of well being by balancing your mind,
body, and spirit and I feel honored and humbled to be in the role of
facilitator of life discoveries. Thank you for considering me in that role.

Cynthia Dowdy, PhD
Licensed Professional Counselor

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